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    The decision to have plastic surgery is one that is never taken lightly by any patient.  Cosmetic Surgery is by definition an elective procedure and as such is hardly ever covered by regular health insurance policies.

    The inherent risk involved in any surgical procedure as well as the high cost of the surgery make the decision one worth evaluating thoroughly.

    When deciding on a Surgeon; there a few things you need to consider. Besides word of mouth referrals, the most common deciding factor most patients use in determining who to go with as their Surgeon is price.

    While consideration of cost is certainly important it shouldn’t be the sole or most important deciding factor. Like in most aspects of life, when it comes to Plastic Surgery, we usually get what we pay for. Cut rate prices usually result in cut rate service.

    In addition to cost, another important consideration to bear in mind when wading through the multitude of plastic surgery websites on the net is Board Certification.

    Board Certification ensures that in addition to regular medical training, the Surgeon has undergone rigorous training specific to Cosmetic Surgery.

    The absence of certification from a major Board should be cause for concern.

    Reviews and Before and After Images are also pretty important in influencing our choice of Surgeon. This however should always be taken with a huge grain of salt. It is not difficult to falsify website patient reviews or put up stock before and after images.

    It is always safest to request patient testimonials and images during the initial consult as opposed to going by what is published on a website.

    Our Doctors have decades of experience in helping patients such as yourself achieve the aesthetic ideal that they are pursuing without compromising their general health. Our friendly office staff look forward to hearing from you and helping you schedule your free no pressure initial consult.

    During the consult, we discuss your goals and the surgical steps required to reach those goals. We also review relevant before and after images of actual patients and discuss procedure cost as well as affordable financing options to help you meet the cost of the surgery should you need it.

    We sincerely look forward to hearing from you and being a partner in your journey to a better you. Give Us a Call today to get started.

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